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Online Security Issue

This is the biggest issue in online casino. The security threats of online casino. In this computer age there many users spend more time in computer by surfing internet, checking incoming e-mail messages, chatting with friends, playing games and online casino games. We are not sure how secure our personal information especially the password and bank account. In a cyber world there is a cyber crime. Cyber Crime is a computer crime using the computer and internet or network technology. There is an activity of cyber crime such as hacking, piracy, scamming, pornography and phishing.

This is the main issue of online gambler when it comes of complaining about the hacked accounts and cheater in online casino. There is no perfect software to secure and prevent against the cyber crime in online casino. In developer side of online casino software before put it to the market there is one important phase, it is called testing and debugging phase. During testing and debugging the online casino software, they check if there is something error or bug of that software. Of course there is a penetration test if that online casino software can hack it or not. All online casino software have RNG or Randomized Number Generator to stay random during that game. Developers added the 128 bit encryption SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) to encypt the password, bank account and other personal information.

Sad to say those online casino software are still vulnerable from security threats because some online gambler are not play fairly. They use third software party to cheat the games in online casino especially in online poker where the opponent of that game is also player. There many complaints from online poker player who caught in cheating and used a third party software for cheating. Some cheater caught for cheating during that game, cheater will punish based of the policy in online casino and they extend to the punishment of law.

Another security issue is scamming of online casino site. It is really hard to determine if the online casino site is trusted or not. There are many victims of scamming in online casino site. The scheme of scamming is will win a jackpot prize. When online gambler won a jackpot prize of course they need claim with some condition such as depositing the amount to bank account number and within a week or day there is nothing happened of claiming the jackpot prize until the online gambler will know he is a victim of scamming. The worst is they got the account numner of ATM Card or Credit Card. The main problem of this issue when he complaining they need to trace the location of that scam site and cooperation from other country leader when scam site is located from other country.

Here is some tips to avoid of scamming from online casino scam site:

  • You should check first the credibility of online casino site

  • Play for fun first before playing for jackpot prize

  • If there is some suspicious activity in online casino you should report it in Authority to take some action against Online Casino Scam

If you have an online casino account don’t ever play in computer rental shop because they can hacked the username and password and of course the bank account number. You are not really sure if that workstation is secured because it use by different people. You don’t know if that workstation has keylogger. Keylogger is a third party software which can log all username, password and bank account number when using a keyboard when logging-in the account. If you really want to play in Computer Rental Shop you should use a virtual keyboard, that is the weakness of Keylogger.

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